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Most people have great plans, but somehow fail to realize them. A great way to improve yourself is to look for help. The best way is to learn from someone who has mastered something, the problem is that that there is not always a master available. I am glad that we have the Internet. Sometimes I slack at certain parts of my life and I am really happy that there are pages like lifeorganizer, who help you with articles and support you with information. I don’t agree with every part, but most of their information and advice is at least interesting and a nice compilation of stuff you probably know and just ignore.


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How to start saving some money?

If you want to start to save some money just get yourself one or two medium sized bottles with a big head. Now, when you pay something in cash and get some change just put all the change your receive into the bottle. You may ask yourself why should I do this? In my eyes this is a great way to see the value of small amounts. One by one the small change will do nothing special, but overall this cash will add up and over the course of a half year you will probably make a few bucks for a small thing you wanted to do. One of the ways to success is learning to value the money you have I think. Unless you are rich and can decide what is working better for you, doing it yourself or paying someone to do it, because your salary would be higher than what you would have to pay someone else and you get no joy out of , let’s say painting a wall. In case you are not that rich, you should just start to watch where you can gain, even if it’s just a small amount.

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the top 5 reasons to change your life right now

todays society has grown so mature. everybody talks about the permanent changes we are bound to do when we want to stay in it. still why would you want to change yourself? there must be a reason for it. changing for the sake of changing can’t be the right way to change yourself. you should have, at least a goal. so what would be my top 5 reasons to change my life?

reason 5 ) this is the most boring reason. probably. I change, because I have to. something from the outer side forces me to change my life and it probably won’t be for the better.

reason 4) I starts to change, because I found a new set of ideas that could improve my life. I have been browsing the web or spoke with a friend about my life and just saw something new at the end of the road. it’s time to evolve. let the chips fall where they may and grow.

reason 3) I change because everything is set in my life. everything seems to make sense on the one hand, but on the other hand it is just getting boring, there are no challanges anymore. I feel like I have been trapped, it’s time to change and conquer a new world.

reason 2) I move to a new place or change everything around myself. a relation breakes up and I start to question myself. it’s a  vicious cycle. I just get the feeling that I am wrong, even though everything seemed to work just fine, it did not. life ain’t easy and I have to pay the bills.

reason 1) growing up. as time passes by I just evolve, noone will live his life as he has done with 14 or 16 until the end. the course of time simply changes myself over the time, however this will happen, it’s a natural process, nothing we can change. we can’t stop ourself from changing ourselves.

life is just an organic process. we have to realize that there should not be a top5 list of why you should change your life right now. we all have to learn that changes come natural, life is beautiful and it’s just about satisfaction. improve your life and everything around you will change as well, it’s just important not to get stuck in the process. what brought you to the level where you are now may not bring you to the next level.

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the path to wisdom

I have been wondering how to conquer my world. I know that I live in my reality and everybody else is a part of this. I form my world, but so far I  haven’t explored my financal possibilities to the maximum. firt I gonna start of with the internet. there are plenty of resources around where you can find useful information for your everyday life. this post should just be about a page where you can find daily hacks for your life. I am talking about dumblittleman, they cover almost everything, starting with

10 internet businesses you can start with 100$

the myths of starting a buisness

ways to earn money online part I and here is part II

I just covered some of their good money advices here, but more important are their daily life hacks, featuring a wide range of blocks and things, far too much for me to cover here, so just check them out.

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