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sometimes life takes over

I will go with this and start to write my sentences with captial letter. It is just a bad habit to not do so, and many people may find it unfriendly, it’s just that I am so used to it due to instant messengers and this blog pretty much looks like one to me. I have been away yesterday and did not manage to update my list, sorry for that, there have been so many great posts and I really apprechiate all the comments to my article! Keep on doing what you are doing, you make my day. I have been reading through a lot of the articles in this project, not all I have to admit, because some topics just do not touch me, I believe in honesty and there is no reason to be ashamed for that.

Which other posts got me thinking was this post about how you can improve your state of fitness at work, this great readup of top5 lists is just fabolous, I can’t do it any better so I direct link it from here. While you improve your health you could start to pick up on people who do not care about you and what you are saying and find out if they are bad listeners and tell them. So now you cleaned up your life, are fit and everyone respects you, but you do not know what to write about anymore? Let’s face it, miserable people write the more interesting stories, at least most of the times, but you do not have to feel miserable to kill your writers block, just stop by here and check this top5 how to overcome writers block.

To add a funnier note, in case you wondered what may be some of the strangest things blogging could show you, check out this top5. right now I do not have more time, but I will update this again. hopefully there will be some more great top5 lists coming.


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problogger top5 writing contest

while writing the last entry, I almost forgot that I wrote it for the problogger writing contest. I think this happens when you get a good, short and punchy theme. there have been some great entries so far, and while we are at short and punchy, I like this list over at the literary compass where he lists his top5 pages for a deserted island. even though I wonder how to get internet on a deserted island as well as the power supply for a computer.

the next really funny post is over at The Fibromyalgia Experiment and writes how YOU can become blogworthy.

1. Be the worst customer service rep ever. May I suggest randomly switching accents in the same conversation or quoting Nietzsche as the answer to when people can expect to get their rebates in the mail.

I do not know if I should support what was posted at the newspaper blog, but actually most of the worker bees are just exploited at work, so this top5 how to pass time at work for “geeks” may come right for a lot people, just try to not lose your job while doing it, or it’s all going to change.

this post here will be constantly updated as I browse through the blogs and find great and noteworthy stuff. I am busy right now, but expect it to happen sooner than later.

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