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how to improve your blog?

this blog is new, there have been a lot of blog entries, articles and topwhatever lists about how to make your blog successful. I will be honest and I created this blog to earn money. may it be through the blog itself or information I find while I am researching that will be useful for future events. in this post I will focus on information how to increase your popularity, gain an edge and do whatever it takes to win the game. uhm? win which game? the game of attractiveness. everything is about attraction and so this blog has to be attractive to whoever reads it. fine so how do you improve your blog? the people at Modern Life asked the rhetorical question “what’s wrong with my blog” in order to help people figure out how they can improve their blogs, and to get some link pimpage like this. after figuring out what you did wrong it’s time to improve your reputation and this article about 101 ways to build link poularity could help. so you are started now, let’s have a look at some basic thoughts on how to go deeper and devote everything you can by this guru, he may teach you a few lessons on blogging. oh and while you are there, you can check out how you should have marketed your blog in 2007, which is pretty up to date, even today.. this should be enough for a rough start in the bloggosphere, now just start your own blog and get started.


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