How to start saving some money?

If you want to start to save some money just get yourself one or two medium sized bottles with a big head. Now, when you pay something in cash and get some change just put all the change your receive into the bottle. You may ask yourself why should I do this? In my eyes this is a great way to see the value of small amounts. One by one the small change will do nothing special, but overall this cash will add up and over the course of a half year you will probably make a few bucks for a small thing you wanted to do. One of the ways to success is learning to value the money you have I think. Unless you are rich and can decide what is working better for you, doing it yourself or paying someone to do it, because your salary would be higher than what you would have to pay someone else and you get no joy out of , let’s say painting a wall. In case you are not that rich, you should just start to watch where you can gain, even if it’s just a small amount.


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